Analysis of the Responses to the Welsh Governments's Consultation
on Draft Technical Advice Note 8

In late 2004 the Welsh Government mounted a consultation excercise in respect of their draft Technical Advice Note 8 (TAN 8).

The excercise resulted in what is said to be a record number of response to a Welsh Government consultation. The written responses to the consultation were made available by the Welsh Government as a series of files on a CD. The responses contained in the files have now been the subject of an analysis by the Cambrian Mountains Society and they have been classified according to the type of responder and the views of the responder.

On this website you can:

1 View a summary of the results.

2 Whilst all the responses were examined and classified the analysts chose to comment in respect of some of the responses. Their comments are listed in a table available on this site.
View comments table
You may see the response corresponding to a comment by clicking on the file name in the extreme right hand column of the table. This will download a .pdf file usually containing 100 responses which will contain the response you have selected.

3 You can download the individual files containing the responses as follows
 ResponseIDs 1-99     ResponseIDs 100-199(5 mb)       ResponseIDs 200-299 (5 mb)    

ResponseIDs 300-399 (9 mb)     ResponseIDs 400-499 (9 mb)     ResponseIDs 500-599 (12 mb)  
ResponseIDs 600-699 (8 mb)     ResponseIDs 700-799 (7 mb)      ResponseIDs 800-899 (9 mb)    

ResponseIDs 900-999 (9 mb)       ResponseIDs 1000-1099 (26 mb)     ResponseIDs 1100-1199 (9 mb)

ResponseIDs 1200-1299 (6 mb)     ResponseIDs 1300-1399 (12 mb)       ResponseIDs 1400-1499 (13 mb)     
ResponseIDs 1500-1599 (10 mb)      ResponseIDs 1600-1654 (08 mb)        Late replies (18 mb)
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